Posted May 29, 2018

Pensions Re-enrolment Overview

“Re-enrolment” means putting certain staff back into a pension scheme. Here is our pensions re-enrolment overview, and this must be done 3 years after your automatic enrolment staging date.

Step 1 – Choose your re-enrolment date
You have a 6-month window in which to set this, starting from 3 months before the 3rd anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date and ending 3 months after it.
Step 2 – Assess certain staff to decide if you are going to put them back in your pension scheme
Step 3 – Notify your re-enrolled staff in writing
You must do this within 6 weeks of your re-enrolment date.
Step 4 – Complete your re-declaration of compliance
You must do this within 5 months of the 3rd anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date.

This is a quick video outline of Re-enrolment from The Pensions Regulator:

Re-enrolment and re-declaration is your legal duty, and if you may incur a fine if you don’t comply with your duties.

This is a link to The Pensions Regulator Re-enrolment page:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss re-enrolment, here is the link to our Auto-Enrolment page for all your pension needs: 

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