Auto EnrolmentPicture Pension Pot

The law on workplace pensions has changed. By 2018, all businesses must operate a pension scheme for qualifying employees.


Our experience is that many businesses do not understand the full extent of their responsibilities under auto enrolment and have yet to undertake any planning.


Every month more employees are being auto enrolled and the time has come for small and medium sized employers to start planning.


Failing to provide a compliant pension scheme will result in significant fines and possibly prosecution.


At Whitesides we have an experienced payroll team who are able to assist you with your auto enrolment obligations including:

  • Identifying who will be effected;
  • Communicating with your staff;
  • Planning for your staging date;
  • Setting up a compliant pension scheme;
  • Explaining the financial impact of auto enrolment; and
  • Advising on salary sacrifice.


To discuss our auto enrolment and salary sacrifice services, please contact us.