• Posted January 17, 2020

Should I set up a limited company?

 Whitesides Accountant & Tax Advisor Sarah Greenwood answers the question “Should I set up a limited company?” This is a question that we get asked all the time and it’s something that really depends on each individual businesses’ circumstances. The main things that I would consider is what you’re intending to do long term […]

  • Posted January 15, 2020

Late invoice payment? Four tips to getting paid on time

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is a late invoice payment. Research undertaken by Xero shows 26% of small businesses are unable to pay their suppliers on time, creating a vicious circle. Being paid late can cause a big disruption to your cashflow and if you are a small business without a finance […]

  • Posted December 20, 2019

Full-time Bookkeeper Leeds

Full-time Bookkeeper and Administration Assistant Required Whitesides Chartered Accountants, Leeds Hours: Full-time (36.25 hours per week) To apply, please send a covering letter and CV to sarah@whitesidesca.com Whitesides Chartered Accountants is an independent firm of accountants based in Horsforth, Leeds.  We provide accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services to owner managed businesses and individuals. Due […]

  • Posted December 11, 2019

Changes to Employment Allowance from April 2020

In April 2014 the government introduced the Employment Allowance.  This allowed eligible businesses to reduce their annual Employers Class 1 National Insurance bill by up to £3,000.  However, from 6 April 2020, there will be changes to the employment allowance rules.  These changes mean that not all businesses that are currently benefiting from the Employment […]

  • Posted December 11, 2019

Marriage allowance or married couples allowance – What’s the difference?

What is the difference between marriage allowance or married couples allowance? Although these allowances sound similar, the eligibility requirements are quite different. What is Marriage Allowance? Marriage allowance is a tax relief that allows a UK tax payer to transfer 10% of their personal allowance to their spouse or civil partner, in 2019/20 this is […]

  • Posted September 9, 2019

Can I reclaim VAT on business mileage?

Advisory Fuel Rates – VAT element If you are a VAT registered business, you can use HMRC’s advisory fuel rates to calculate the amount of VAT you can reclaim on the fuel element of business mileage.   Advisory fuel rates are used to calculate: The amount of VAT your business can reclaim on business mileage […]

  • Posted September 3, 2019

Top Tips for start-up Freelancers

I’m starting to work as a freelancer, how do I deal with my accounts and tax? Whilst becoming your own boss can exciting if can be also be very daunting dealing with the administration and regulations that running a business involves. Regardless of how you choose to structure your business you will need to prepare […]

  • Posted August 27, 2019

Accountant in Leeds offering his top IT handy shortcuts in August 2019!

Ever had to do a repetitive task in excel? “F4” is a really handy shortcut that repeats the previous action, whether merging cells, applying a format to text or inserting new cells. Extremely important shortcuts: the bread and butter of anyone working in Office: Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V Or cut, […]

  • Posted August 19, 2019

How do I pay back a student loan when I am self-employed?

The majority of students leaving university will do so with an outstanding student loan. The media is full of information on the repayment threshold, interest rates and details of how it is repaid through your salary, but what happens if you are self-employed? As a contractor, freelancer or business owner your student loan payments will […]

  • Posted August 14, 2019

The divisible by 9 error check tool

Accountants, bookkeepers and tax specialists have a number of tools to check work and catch errors as they occur. Does the difference divide by 9? When a balance doesn’t reconcile, one helpful tool in order to identify how the error has arisen, is to ask “does the difference divide by 9?” If it does, then […]