Posted February 19, 2020

Accounting apps for the construction industry – Whitesides top five

Accounting Apps aren’t just for accountants, they can simplify your life, take the stress out of paperwork and make everything just run more smoothly.  In this blog Leo (our bookkeeping manager) considers his top 5 accounting apps for the Construction Industry.


Top of the list comes Tradify.  Tradify provides a complete job management solution designed specifically for contractors and tradesmen.

It is easy and simple to use and once set up manages quoting, invoicing, job scheduling and timesheets and even better it integrates into Xero and Quickbooks.

It costs £19 per user per month which is lower than some of the other similar products on the market.


AutoEntry simplifies the data entry into your business’ bookkeeping software, you can email, scan, upload or photograph your receipts directly into the software.

Unlike it’s competitor Receipt Bank AutoEntry’s charges based on the amount of items processed through the software, great for smaller contractors looking for a way to simplify their administration.

AutoEntry has just been bought by Sage and is one of the few products that integrates into Sage 50, Sage Cloud, Quickbooks, Xero and FreeAgent.  No matter what software you use it is likely that AutoEntry will integrate seamlessly with your chosen software allowing you to store all your paperwork electronically and cut down on the manual data entry.


Not an app but we love Brightpay, Brightpay is a payroll software that copes with slightly more complicated payrolls and even manages your CIS tax for you.

It is easy to use and if you sign up for BrightPay Connect, all your staff will be provided with an individual account where they can receive and store their payslips, book annual leave and change their personal details.  It also has a handy storage area where you can save documents such as employment contracts, you employee handbook.


MileIQ is a great app designed by Microsoft it tracks the mileage you drive in your car by connecting to your car’s Bluetooth.  You can then differentiate between your business and personal mileage making a paper diary a thing of the past.  The basic version if MileIQ is free which allows you 40 drives per month.


Fluidly is a credit control and cashflow forecasting software, it assists you with planning your spending, stay on top of your debtors and help you maintain a healthy cashflow in your business.

In November 2019 Fluidly released a free version of their software “Fluidly Lite” this software is designed to support businesses to produce a 90-day cashflow.

At the moment it only integrates with Xero and Quickbooks but as it has a live feed it is always up to date allowing you to make decisions knowing you are certain you have the latest information on your business.


This blog was written in December 2019, the software is changing on an almost daily basis and what are the best accounting apps for the construction industry now may not be in a few months or years time. If you want any advice on software for the construction industry please do not hesitate to contact us.

This blog post was written by Leo Zade, Bookkeeping Manager, Whitesides Chartered Accountants in Leeds.